Music Video Idea for End Love

I thought of a nice idea for a music video for this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2fpgpanZAw c:
It is about a guy and his girlfriend. They go to a certain coffee shop really often, and have coffee in those disposable cups. You can’t hear, but you see the guy asking her for her empty cup. He does this often, and the video switches between scenes of them drinking coffee and being happy and scenes of the guy pasting cut-up coffee cups to the wall in order to make a mural. He finishes the mural in time for her birthday, but you don’t get to see it finished until she does. The mural is a portrait of her face and it’s real pretty and it says “Happy Birthday” under it and she is real impressed. happy ending yay c:


Call Me Maybe Music Video Idea

Another, less complicated music video idea about luff and stuff.

0:00 Grumpy girl gets out of bed, and starts to walk to work.
0:28 Guy at the park entrance interrupts her, and offers some flowers.
0:36 Girl walks away while he’s talking, he follows and keeps trying to talk to her.
1:00 Girl exits the park, guy stops walking, and the girl enters her office building. Then a few scenes of the girl working and looking grumpy.
1:20 Girl sees flowers in a vase identical to the ones the guy had, then goes “…” and gets back to work.
1:28 Girl exits building to go to lunch, the same guy is outside with more impressive flowers, and tries to talk to her again.
2:00 Girl stops to talk to him for a bit.
2:16 Girl walks off, guy gives up and sits on a bench, putting his flowers in the bin. The girl walks into an alleyway next to them.
2:24 Some douche tries to mug the girl.
2:32 Guy hears the girl struggling, and runs in to help, but he gets beaten up and the mugger escapes.
2:40 Girl helps guy up.
2:48 Guy and girl talk.
2:56 Shots from outside of them in a café, they laugh. Song ends with them holding hands.



This is what goes through my head when i hear this video:

0:00 Shots of villain walking into a bank, then pulling a gun
0:15 Villain fires gun into the air in slow motion, civilians panic
0:30 Flashback shots of villain sneaking around in the early morning outside, doing something to the floor in multiple places
0:45 shots of police turning up outside
1:00 Slow motion explosions to the beat everywhere, especially on cop cars, cops panic
1:15 swat turns up, more explosions on the beats
1:22 View from secuirity camera outside, things keep exploding on beats
1:29 Explosion, camera flashes “[DISCONNECTED]”
1:30 Gunfight with explosions!
1:45 Bank explodes, villain brings gunfight outside
2:00 Military guys shout over phone, then soldiers shout over radio, then the troops mobilise
2:15 Villain has rpg, blows shit up, slow motion dubstep style shots
2:30 Tank starts to fire back, dubstep style, more dubstep rpg shots
2:45 More soldiers arrive, especially special ops and helicopters
3:00 More bombs detonate on the soldiers, villain fires more rpgs
3:15 Villain is controlling the tank, firing at things to the beat
3:25 Shot of news reporter talking over firefight and explosions
3:29 Broadcast mast in the background is hit by explosion, camera shows [DISCONNECTED]
3:30 Zoomed out shot of city, each high pitched beep is an explosion.
3:45 back to firefight, more explosions
3:56 Villain is overwhelmed, falls on his back bleeding. Camera zooms out from above as he smiles creepily.
3:59 Shot of a suspicious satellite watching – feed goes [DISCONNECTED]

Song is copyright Pegboard Nerds