Call Me Maybe Music Video Idea

Another, less complicated music video idea about luff and stuff.

0:00 Grumpy girl gets out of bed, and starts to walk to work.
0:28 Guy at the park entrance interrupts her, and offers some flowers.
0:36 Girl walks away while he’s talking, he follows and keeps trying to talk to her.
1:00 Girl exits the park, guy stops walking, and the girl enters her office building. Then a few scenes of the girl working and looking grumpy.
1:20 Girl sees flowers in a vase identical to the ones the guy had, then goes “…” and gets back to work.
1:28 Girl exits building to go to lunch, the same guy is outside with more impressive flowers, and tries to talk to her again.
2:00 Girl stops to talk to him for a bit.
2:16 Girl walks off, guy gives up and sits on a bench, putting his flowers in the bin. The girl walks into an alleyway next to them.
2:24 Some douche tries to mug the girl.
2:32 Guy hears the girl struggling, and runs in to help, but he gets beaten up and the mugger escapes.
2:40 Girl helps guy up.
2:48 Guy and girl talk.
2:56 Shots from outside of them in a café, they laugh. Song ends with them holding hands.