I like many things! I will share with you the nice things i’ve found.


  • My favourite webcomic is Slightly Damned. It’s a fantasy story by an artist known as Chu and i am completely obsessed with it; if i think too much about it i get overexcited.
  • My second favourite is Housepets! (exclamation mark included.) Housepets!, by Rick Griffin, is a furry comic about an earth where a lot of animals are slightly anthropomorphic, but are still animals. It also has supernatural elements sometimes.
  • Third is Extra Ordinary, aka exocomics. It’s a silly, light-hearted comic about the artist, Li Chen, her partner and their magical cat.
  • This just in – Breaking Cat News is a webcomic about cats who run a news station in their home. Somehow the humans never notice or acknowledge this behaviour. It is made by Georgia Dunn.
  • Poorly Drawn Lines is a silly gag comic by Reza Farazmand. Sometimes it is about a space bear called Ernest.
  • Another gag comic is Chainsawsuit, by Kris Straub, which is both great protection for a zombie apocalypse and a horrible way to die.
  • Gaming comics now. Awkward Zombie is a video-game themed gag comic by Katie Tiedrich which sometimes features the characters from Smash Bros living together in an apartment block. How zany!
  • Junior Scientist Power Hour is a gag comic about the author, Abby Howard. It’s hard to explain other than that.
  • Another gag comic but with recurring characters is Nedroid Picture Diary. It’s about a bear-potato hybrid and a bird dude, and is made by a computer program called Anthony Clark.
  • Nerf Now!! is a gaming comic by a tentacle monster called Josué Pereira. It has recurring characters, and sometimes plot arcs about genderbent Team Fortress 2 characters.
  • A danish artist called Humon makes Scandinavia and the World, which is about personifications of the countries of the world (mostly scandinavians).
  • Cyanide and Happiness is another gag comic that mostly features stickmen doing stupid things. It’s better than it sounds, honest. Also it has multiple artists for some reason and occasionally has animated sketches.
  • Ichabod the Optimistic Canine is a light-hearted comic about a homeless corgi with boundless optimism. Apparently it’s by Ayla Stardragon. That’s an awesome name.
  • Savestate, by Tim Weeks, is a comic about furries that play video games and demonic monsters that also play video games.
  • Even more cats, now. GaMERCaT is a comic about cats that play video games. By Samantha Whitten
  • Even more cats, now. VG Cats is a comic about cats that play- wait a second, deja vu. By Scott Ramsoomair.
  • The Junk Hyenas Diner is another comic by Chu. It is about Hyena mutants that live on a post-apocalyptic world and run a diner.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weinersmith is a daily gag comic that’s often too complicated for me to understand.
  • Another comic is Romantically Apocalyptic; Vitaly S Alexius’ sci-fi post-apocalyptic mindfu graphic novel about everyone being dead.
  • Finally, Kent and Daniel is a fairly standard furry comic about the titular couple and their average life, by a mysterious person known as catboots. And by mysterious, i mean i didn’t look any farther than their name.


  • My favourite artist is called Dar-draws now, apparently. I’m not sure if they wanted to escape their old alias, but they still draw really cute things.
  • My second favourite artist is Haychel, who makes a pokémon-themed story-based webcomic. I hope i can pay them to draw more things for me soon.
  • I’ve mentioned the webcomic artist Chu earlier, and her tumblr is hyenafu.
  • Although it never updates any more, i still really like Boggle the Owl. He’ll cheer you up if you’re feeling down!
  • A tumblr user called BirdCheese makes many gifs about birds, and sometimes cheese too.
  • Happycrumble, aka Rumwik, draws even more cute animals. Often pokémon, too!
  • Here’s an ask blog called Ask The Werewolves, where you ask werewolves questions. I like fluffy animals!
  • Lizclimo on tumblr runs a cute blog called Hi I’m Liz, where she draws nice animals being friends with each other.
  • Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur is a tiny dinosaur who thinks he’s a turtle. Tiny adventures!
  • Next is a blog called Pusheen the Cat, which is about a cat called Pusheen who bounces around in gifs a lot.
  • I know a guy called Mocha Mokat from terraria community forums. He draws cute floofs too! You should see some of them!


  • My favourite youtuber is a comedy writer called TomSka. He makes funny videos, and my favourite thing about him is how hard he tries to be a good person. If only everyone tried that hard! He also has a vlog account called DarkSquidge.
  • RageNineteen is an animator who makes silly cartoons, sometimes for other channels, too. Occasionally he gets depressed and i sympathize with that, as i also suffer from depression.
  • JacksFilms is a very active youtuber. He makes funny sketches, writes songs, mocks comment grammar and asks his audience questions.
  • Back in 2012, Edd Gould of Eddsworld died to leukemia. Which is a shame, because his animations are funny. His friends and family continued making Eddsworld videos in his honour, and donating the money to charity. There may or may not be any new videos in future, but i hope so.
  • A silly man called Weebl hosts a channel called Weebl’s Stuff. He posts silly things, usually animated and often songs. He also has a channel called Cat Face which is silly animations about a cat that floats for some reason.
  • TheLaserBearGuy aka Matt Ley is another animator who makes fun videos.
  • Eddache is a channel by a guy called Eddie who also makes funny things. He often works with TomSka, too.
  • Jack & Dean are a comedy duo who make great sketches together.
  • Jason Steel, i think it was, hosts an animation channel called FilmCow. It’s very absurdist and silly!
  • Jim Sterling is a games journalist who is famous for highlighting the shambles that is Steam Greenlight.
  • An animation channel i like called Slamacow makes fun minecraft-related animations with their own characters.
  • 5-Second-Films doesn’t make many films any more, but they have hundreds of them so it’s worth checking them out.
  • kitty0706 is another youtuber who died to leukemia. He made many funny videos using Garry’s Mod.
  • Another minecraft-themed animation channel i like is Element Animation (and Element Shorts)
  • Harry101UK makes music videos, often themed around portal. He does some quite good portal character impressions.
  • LilDeuceDeuce is another talented musician who often makes music for other youtubers.
  • Freeman’s Mind is a channel that played through the entire of the original Half-Life, providing it with a sassy monologue from the perspective of the protagonist.
  • Matt Lobster doesn’t seem to make many videos, but he’s a funny and talented actor.
  • BirgirPall is an icelandic guy who does funny Let’s Play videos along with his friend Banzaii.
  • Simon’s Cat is another animation channel about a cat owned by someone called Simon.
  • My favourite singer is ThatJennyBee, a nice girl who makes vlogs and songs. She also has a secondary channel, ThisJennyBee.
  • VideoGamerTV is a half-game journalism channel, half soap opera run by people who act like children. It’s brillo.