This is about my fantasy world i make up in my spare time. It has a lot of magic and furries in. Because elves are pricks and dwarves are ugly.

This page is quite old, though, and there’s too much information to keep updating.

Here is a google document featuring the most up-to-date information. Feel free to browse.



First, the map. I drew the original on the interior of a box of breadsticks, which i still own.


The biomes of my world.


The Countries of my world.

Now, a broken table with some vague explanations. Each line refers to a country on the map, starting from the left, going anticlockwise around the coast, and then getting confused at the top and asking for directions. The holes in the list are where i couldn’t think of anything to put there. The tiny island on the right is too small for a colour, but is an independent country. Rattans don’t have their own country. Boarks are barbarians that live in the harsher places, usually mountains, and have no country.

Country, Demonym [Map Colour] (Subraces, Culture)

  • Nazrean Republic, Nazrean [Cyan] (Shark, Carribean)
  • Nazrea, Nazrean [Blue] (Shark, Carribean/Hawaiian, Diverse)
  • [Purple] (Triceratops, Mana-Tech, Scholarly)
  • [Brown] (Raccoon)
  • Leonicia, Leonen [Brass] (Lion/Cheetah, Mana-Tech, Poor)
  • North Assaria, Assarian [Green] (Cow/Horse, Rural Farmland, Eastern European)
  • South Assaria, Assarian [Dark Green] (Cow/Goat, Rural Plantations, Traders)
  • Sahen, Sahenian [Lime Green] (Elephant/Hippo/Rhino, Saharan Tribes)
  • [Lavender] (Zebra, Middle Eastern)
  • [Yellow] (Hyena, Indian)
  • [Dark Blue] (Lizards, Hispanic)
  • Kingdom of Fire [Dark Red] (Zebra/Kangaroo, Egyptian)
  • [Pink] (Camel/Elephant, Aboriginal Tribes)
  • [Grey] (Gazelle, Renaissance Spain)
  • [Red] (Human, Renaissance England)
  • Vixia, Vix [Orange] (Fox, Renaissance Netherlands)
  • Fenikke, Fenik [Pale Yellow] (Fennec, European Medieval)
  • [Pale Blue] (Wolf, Advanced Mayan)
  • [Magenta]
  • Tigran Empire, Tigran [Dark Cyan] (Tiger/Leopard, Feudal Japanese)
  • [Jade]
  • [Salmon]
  • Hexia, Hexian [Dark Orange] (Hawk/Bird, Steampunk Dictatorship)
  • Hel, Helion [Light Green] (Polar Bear/Arctic Wolf, Aztec)
  • Alliance of Hunters, Ekken [Dark Blue] (Elk, Spiritual Hunter Tribes)
  • Barrar, Barran [Light Grey] (Bear, East Asian Monks)
  • [Tiny Easternmost Island]
  • Rattan [None] (Mouse/Squirrel, Poor)
  • Boarks [None] (Boar, Barbarian)

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