i’m sorry if i ever come across as attention-seeky.
but having friends is the only thing that’s ever gone right in my life.
i spend most of my time trying to talk to people because that’s all i can do

about a year ago, my core friends stopped visiting our teamspeak daily, leaving me there alone 99% of the time. eventually, the server crashed and i stopped bothering with teamspeak a few months ago.

i’ve been getting very lonely since then. i miss playing games with my friends. i loved playing minecraft, tf2, synergy, gmod – all the games where i could be with my friends. it’s just not the same on my own.

i’ve been anticipating the next terraria update for months, not because of the update itself, but because it’s a chance to play a game i like with my friends again.

i don’t want to depress people with the details of my life. i appreciate the sympathy, but to be honest all i want is the company. i hope i have more chances to play games with you guys in the future. please keep in touch ❤


3 thoughts on “untitled

  1. ^ My life exactly. My friends ditch me to go play GTAV and Osu, and I just sit there doing nothing like all day waiting for them to get bored enough to play with me.

  2. I wish I had somebody who would play Terraria with me. All the games I play no longer work online, so Terraria is the last one. I had people I played with, but they are all gone since the new update. I have no friends anymore come to think of it. I KNOW friendly people, but they are just being nice-ish. I play daily and it’s always single player.

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