I was told that Beyond The Sleep, a game i backed on kickstarter, was having problems sending me their game with humble bundle. They suggested that i use their key resender thingy. So i did – but the email not only contained the game’s key, but all the keys for everything i’ve bought through humble. While looking at the list, something caught my attention. Garry’s Mod. I’ve had Garry’s Mod for longer than i can i remember, it was the main reason i got steam. Why would i buy it again? But then i noticed – it said (Gift) afterwards. Did i buy it as a gift for someone? I don’t remember that…

Nope, someone sent me garry’s mod as a gift and i never got the email for it! Checking the rest of the list, i also found SS3:BFE and OMD2 with the (Gift) tag! Guess what: I already have those games too! What a waste! xD
So there’s no mention of who sent these gifts nor when. Was it any of you? If so, thank you for the thought! ^u^


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