My Game Idea – Mechanics

One of the things i want to do, is to make games. Here is the health system i thought up for one of them! The game would be a fantasy first person RPG.

Here’s what each bar represents:
HEALTH (Orange):
Health is not just a value that goes down a certain number when you are hit. It is an approximation of how close you are to dying, based on your blood level, tissue condition and bone condition.

BLOOD (Red):
Blood is a measure of how much blood your character has. You will heal slightly faster when you have much of it, and your view will darken and blurĀ  when it is low. You will fall unconscious when it hits zero, and if no-one saves you, you will die. The bar is only visible in the CONDITION menu or when the bar is low. Next to the bar is a red drop; this means your character’s wounds are bleeding, rather than recovering. You bleed slower when you have less blood, and you will regenerate blood after your wounds have been tended/healed.

This stat is seperated between six parts; the arms, the legs, the torso and the head. Piercing damage from sharp weapons will damage this a lot, and starts bleeding for a bit depending on how damaged it is. Tissue damage to the torso will cause a lot of bleeding, and you will probably bleed to death when it hits zero. The head has the weakest tissue; tissue damage to the head will blur your screen, knock you unconscious or possibly kill you. If your limbs’ tissue condition reaches zero, you will be unable to use that limb until it heals. Have fun crawling home! It regenerates over time, and does so faster when your blood is high.

This stat is also seperated into six. Bone condition is how damaged your bones are. Crush damage from maces, hammers and large rocks will damage this mostly; if it’s zero, the crush damage will affect your tissue instead. Like tissue condition, when your limbs’ are at zero you will be unable to use that limb. It regenerates over time, or when extra healing is applied.

Fatigue is divided into six too, but mental fatigue and chest fatigue (breath) are covered later. The main fatigue bar (which only appears in the CONDITION menu or when low) shows you how close you are to being too tired to do anything, which is based on the limb fatigue bars in the CONDITION menu. The higher your arm fatigue, the more damage you can do and the further you can throw. The higher your leg fatigue, the faster you can run, the higher/farther you can jump and harder you can kick. It regenerates when you are not doing anything with that limb, especially when sitting down for legs. Obviously, using your arms and legs makes them tired after a while.

AKA head fatigue, this is how close you are to falling asleep. It will constantly degenerate, faster if you use magic a lot. When it hits zero, you fall asleep. The lower it is, the longer it takes to cast spells and the slower your reflexes are. Sleeping regenerates this. Like fatigue, this only shows when in the CONDITION menu or when low.

Adrenaline temporarily increases your mental fatigue and fatigue levels. It degenerates, and is active when injured; but also inexperienced characters will have some when fighting new things or doing something dangerous.

Breath is like torso fatigue. It goes down when sprinting (not running), jumping or fighting. Having low breath makes these actions less effective, and having high breath will increase the regeneration of blood and tissue. The grey line is the temporary maximum, caused by bone damage to the torso. When taking tissue damage to the torso, you will bleed a bit (red) into your breath meter; and when drowning, water (blue) will fill it too. When your breath is below the blood/water level, you will start to drown and fall unconscious. The blood/water will degenerate over time, and the breath itself regenerates quite quickly. Drawing a bow or aiming a rifle will reduce the regeneration, however.

HUNGER (Brown)
This one’s pretty obvious – how hungry you are. It goes up when you eat food, goes down over time, and increases fatigue regeneration. Overfilling the bar will make you fat, which reduces reflexes. The bar is only visible when it is low or when the CONDITION menu is open.

MANA (Blue)
Mana is the energy you use to cast spells. It is absorbed from the atmosphere, so it regenerates over time. Casting spells also affects how mentally fatigued you are.

More Info:
Piercing Damage is from sharp things. It mostly affects tissue, but does damage bone slightly, and causes a lot of bleeding.
Crush Damage is from blunt things. It mostly affects the bone, and slightly affects tissue (moreso when bones are broken). It can cause some bleeding.
Healing can be done by magic, or it can be done manually. Manual healing is done with more than just a health pack; bandages are needed to stop bleeding, stitches are used to increase tissue regeneration, and casts can be applied to increase bone regeneration.
Poisons and diseases can be different depending on which one. They will mostly affect the maximum/minimum of the above stats (shown as dark green or black respectively), but some will have other effects.
Experience is handled differently. Breath, individual limb fatigue/tissue/bone, blood and mana each has their own experience bar; the more you use them, the higher they can go. Each limb also has reflex experience, which increases reflexes and attack speed for each limb as it goes higher. Individual weapon types have experience bars too, but their experience also slightly affects similar weapons. These are all measured on another tab of the menu that i haven’t drawn yet.



So, it’s my birthday soon! On the 24th. I thought i’d write a list of the things i want in case somebody wants to get me a present c:

Here goes:

  • Pictures of foxes with hats!
  • A shiny new headset (with mic)!
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Can’t think of anything else. And don’t just get me a present because i gave you one; i can actually afford to throw money at things. Only give me presents if you can afford it and you want to! c:

Also, you don’t have to get me anything on this list, you can get me something else if you think i’d like it. c: