Only you can prevent Cacti fires.

So, yeah, i was playing the sims 2, nothing interesting happening, when suddenly lightning struck a nearby cactus (Ingame). As it was raining, i didn’t take much notice, as trees always catch fire, but usually it burns out before it can do any damage. Obviously that didn’t happen. When it was time for my sim to go to work, i followed them with the camera to the limo, when i noticed piles of ash everywhere, i looked further and noticed two small fires on the pavement. I wasn’t really worried, but the fires continued to move around the pavement, leaving ash piles everywhere. What a mess! And then, suddenly, my sim’s limo drove off without them. One f the addon packs allowed you to walk to work if you’re late, which is what i was trying when i noticed my sim’s landlord was on fire. I laughed as he died and wondered how that’d affect the rent. Then i noticed my sim and another were also on fire, i was all “OSHIIIII-” and tried to stop the fire. Sadly, my sim and the other (less sadly) died. But it doesn’t end there.

My sim managed to cheat death due to their previous agreement with a genie, and the fire burnt out. I told my sim to RUN TO FU**ING WORK so they did, and the fire burned on. No-one else died, but when my sim returned from work, in the limo, i remarked to myself about how the road was on fire where the limo spawned. Then the limo caught fire. More accurately, the road beneath the entire limo. My sim got out, and caught fire again. I immediately reset my sim and teleported them out (Yay cheats!). They still caught fire, but there was a fire alarm in their flat, and i managed to keep them alive lone enough for the fire brigade to get their. They quickly extinguished my sim and then the rest of the fire, which was quite large. I found this fascinating, so i saved and exited to post it on my blog. I have decided to move my sim out when i find out what happens to the rent. I will of course be taking the graves with me, as a memento. 😀

Heed this tale, and always remember – If you see a fire, RUN LIKE HELL AND TELL SOMEONE. Unless it’s a campfire. Then just roast food on it. (Your landlord doesn’t count as food.)

PS Please comment as it makes me feel special. Even if you just say Blarg. No spam or adverts plz.


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