I don’t like second life.

One day, i was bored. So i asked my friend what he was doing. He said he was playing second life, which i had heard of before. I decided to try it, as i was bored. The tutorial for the game was reaaallly crap, i still didn’t know what all the buttons did when it kicked me into the main game. I couldn’t find my friend while searching, and he couldn’t find me. I have come to the conclusion that this is because he is 18, and must be kept away from all under-18s as that would be paedaphilia. I’m only a few months younger than him. The support for second life is abysmal, There’s no email support. The support there is, is really confusing. It’s worse than a manual for a japanese thingeh. It appears that you have to have a premium account for “extra support”, which is an easy way to scam money out of idiots by making a complex game, with an even more complex support system.

Long story short, i wasted 2 hours trying to play with my friend on second life, most of which was trawling through the support thing to find out it’s because i was in the “teen” version so i can’t play with him. Or something.



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