My RoflDragon goes SOISOISOISOI

A long, long time ago, before the days of LOL, there were no ROFLCopters to defend the nation from invaders. This was before the days of ASCII, when there was only ASCI.

One day, an adventurer known as Bob arrived in WTFTown, after a long, hard journey from LOLCity, to seek his riches ‘n stuff. He had heard tales of the ROFLDragon’s infamous deeds and vowed to sleigh him for the good of the nation and a healthy supply of ROFLWaffles. Bob entered the town square, and immediately sought out the guy who was important and stuff. Yeah, you get the idea, “Go defeat the Rofldragon blah blah blah”, so Bob was all “W/e” and climbed Mt. Noob, seeking out the ROFLDragon. Bob had remembered to bring his AFK47 and Mini-ROFLING gun, along with some WTFBOOM-class LOLNades, which was kinda good cause he usually forgot those and stuff.

Along the way, Bob met a friendly hermit, who begged him for some spare change. Bob didn’t like friendly hermits, so he kindly donated a LOLNade to the hermit. Unbeknownst to Bob, he forgot to pull the pin and the hermit later sold the grenade to a museum and became really rich and started up a LOLCake factory, which eventually was shut down because of health and safety regulations. So Bob trundled along the dusty road upwards, where nothing interesting happened until the next paragraph.

Bob climbed the slopey steeps of Mt. Noob, eventually finding himself outside the lair of the ROFLDragon. By now, Bob was hungry, so he had some LOLCakes and some other joke i haven’t made yet. Anyway, he defeated the ROFLDragon and sleighed him for the army, but then they made ROFLCopters with ROFLing guns, and a WTFBOOM launcher, so they kinda went out if fashion and Bob lost his job as ROFLCopters don’t need any training unlike ROFLDragons, he then began to protest as he still hadn’t laughed at this post since it began.



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