The flittering thing

Today, as I lay (Lied?) down to rest, I felt a flittering flutter flytering up my arm. I turned and shook, and rubbed and looked, ’twas a moth, who was rather conflustered. I went to swat the fiend, but missed, I took mercy (Or w/e) on the poor, fuddled, flustery thing, and went once more to capture it, without harm. My efforts were thwarted, once on the curtain, again on my jacket, and then on my floor, beneath a chest of drawers. The poor flittering thing took shelter, seeking to hide from my jandesence (I couldn’t be bothered to look up a word), where it was lost for a time.

By chance, a cat (’twas mine, not a stray), waltzed in, and sat on my bed with purr. The moth became frightened, and flittered up out from the drawers, and out of the feline’s reach. But as the tall person I was, I could quite easily reach the creature whilst stood on one’s bed. I caught the thing, mid-flight, and sought to deliver the flustery moth out of my bedroom window. Alas, I dropped the poor fellow/lass whilst in motion. The flytering flusterer clung to the curtain, and once more I leaped at the opportunity, and again, and again. But my agility was no match, the flyterer slipped behind the radiator, where I assumed it to be lost to the heat. Luckily however, the heating was low, so I sat and waited for it’s departure from behind the radiator.

It took quite some minutes before the blighter chose to attempt another daring escape, so to pass the time, I sat and instructed to the cat my plan for it’s capture, many times ordering the cat to ‘sit’ and ‘look at me when I am talking to you’. Eventually, the flysterer flew out from it’s hiding place behind the radiator, up onto the curtain, where i once more sought to catch him/her. After the ensuing struggle, I managed to catch the thing, which looked pretty beat up from the struggle. It walked onto my finger, perhaps not realising the danger, when I plunged the flisterer through the crack in the window. I withdrew my finger, only to find it had not yet chosen to escape, but eventually I managed to scare him off outside by woggling my finger in a sidewards motion. I congradulated my cat for it’s marvelous attitude throughout, and because she didn’t eat him/her. Soon after, I bid the cat farewell and moved to report my success to the idiots of the internet. Good Show!

I have resolved to call the moth Jefferey.


One thought on “The flittering thing

  1. What the hell man, i was just all chillin’ in your room when you freaking attack me, if i hadn’t got to those curtains i’d be a goner’ right. Jesus christ man next time i drop by i’ll bring my buddies and we’ll fuck you up.

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