I had a dream and i was all waking up alot and i was all lightheaded and dizzy like now but with less balance, and there was this bloke who moved into my base/house/tent thing a couple of times and then i was all GTFO and he was all SURPRISSE metaphorically every time i entered a room, and then there was this place where something with lots of people and birds happened and it was all empty like after a wedding reception and i stumbled into the other room and then the orchestra stopped and the black man standing near me who looked like Louis was all “Wtf man?” and then i said “Sorry, i didn’t know anyone was here.” and i stumbled out, and anyway the room looked like a theatre of some sort and there’s this woman who wasn’t important and THERE WAS NO ORCHESTRA so i’m all liek 😕 and then i walk off and the music started again and then i forget.


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